Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Antena HF 80 m dan 40m JUAL

Untuk lahan sempit.panjang keseluruhan  cuma 9 mtr
Loding tertutup. Sudah tes dgn Antena Analyzer. 
Bisa di pesan jenis antena yang lain ke 
Hp 0858 1424 2877 Agus.

Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Antena Mobil Made in Jakarta

Antena Mobil Buatan sendiri ada 27 Mhz, ada 11 Mhz, 
Harga Rp 225.000,- bisa dipesan frkwensi tertentu.
test dgn Antenna Analyzer.
Hub Tono 085814242877

Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Coil 26-28 MHz Vertical Antenna

Daiwa Model CNW-919 VHF Antenna Tuner

To protect your Transceiver from over heat, cos of reflected RF Radiation.It is range from 140 to 150 MHz. Put on through to see real SWR. and Tuner to function this equipment.  Max power handling is 300 Watt. Sold( Terjual )

Rotary dipole dari 3 MHz- 480 MHz Pesan disini

Construction of Rotary dipole / Yagi, and testing it on Magic band 50 MHz See feed point and SS bold on it. Solid and rock construction...Call +6285814242877 to order. Harga mulai 500 rb

Power Meter and Phone path ( Terjual )

This kind of Power meter has a direct power reflected. Non of Standing Wave Ratio. as usual SWR Power meter does. It is can handling 2.000 Watt. Meter is good and accurate. Made by Collins.
Harga Rp 4,5 jt hub 085814242877
( Terjual )

Antenna Coupler for HF by Collins ( Terjual )

This Antenna tuner has a Vacuum capacitor. 
and Roller Inductance. Harga Rp 4,8 jt 085814242877
( Terjual )